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From: mike loggerman
Subject: Hairy guy addict chapter 2When I went to college, the equation had changed. I was over 18 and it was
legal for me to be with older men, who fascinated me with their hairy
bodies. I was put in a work study program and got a job working with the
grounds crew. Most of the guys I worked with were in their 40s, and didn't
bother with me much, except to tell me what to do on the job. I made
friends with a guy named Tommy. He apprentice russian girl was in his early girl russian porn 30s and was very
friendly. He was trim, athletic, and judging from the hair jutting out from
his open collar, quite hairy. We worked russian sex outside
together russian nude chat trimming trees, mowing
lawns and picking up trash. He was fun and made jokes. russian gay gallery We both got real
sweaty working, and when we were done, nudity russian we went to the staff locker room and
he suggested we get showered up. I was sweaty and uncomfortable, but told
him I didn't have a towel. He said if I wanted, I could share his, so I
agreed and started getting undressed.I tried to be discreet as I watched him, and noticed that he was watching me
as well. He had hairy arms and legs and a hairy ass. I was hoping I
wouldn't get hard in front of him and give my desires away. I finished
getting undressed and he snapped his towel at my ass and said to get
moving. We got in the showers and it was refreshing. While we soaped
ourselves he said he always wished he could have been chubby like me, but he
could never put on weight. I laughed and said I always wanted to be like
him. He said being thin wasn't always so wonderful. I said I liked thin,
but also hairy. He russian girl nude pictures
said guys made fun of him in High School for being
hairy. I told him I'd rather be hairy than smooth. He offered to soap my
back for me, and I said OK, and enjoyed feeling him soap and massage my
back. I felt his crotch touch my ass for a moment, but didn't say
anything. I told him how good it felt, and he moved to my lower back and
started soaping my butt cheeks. He said he hoped I didn't mind him touching
me in such a personal area, and russian boy gallery I said it felt good and that I felt friends
were allowed to touch marry russian girls friends. I felt his cock brush against me again, but
this time it was hard. When I didn't say anything, he let his hard cock
rest against my inner thigh from behind. I said the soaping felt so good, I
should let him do my front as well as my back. Instead of having me turn
around, he reached around me and soaped my armpits and my breasts. My cock
was hard, but so was his. As he reached around me from behind, almost
hugging me, I felt his hard cock pressing against the back of my balls. He
stepped back and had me turn around. He soaped my cock and russian nubile boys balls while I
closed my eyes and enjoyed it. We rinsed ourselves off and dried ourselves
with the same towel before russian illegal girl sex
changing into our street clothes. I didn't put
my briefs back on since they were sweated through, so I put them in my
backpack. Tommy invited me over his apartment, so I went with him.When we got to his place, Tommy got me a beer and said he really enjoyed
that shower and asked if I always let guys get that intimate with me. I
told him it depended on how much I liked them. He asked how much I liked
him. I said I liked him enough to want him to get as intimate as he could.
He tongue kissed me as he started undressing me. I let him strip me naked
and finger russian illegal pussy my ass as he kissed me and sucked my tits. russian transexuals I undid his pants and
pulled them down with his briefs, releasing his thick hard dripping cock. I
started sucking him and playing with his big balls. He took off his shirt
and lay on top of me on the bed, grinding his cock into mine as he kissed me
and rubbed his hairy body against me. He spit in his hand and started
fingering my ass as he sucked my tits. I held my nude russian boys photos legs up on my chest as he
slid his big hairy cock inside me until I could feel his bush against me. I
moaned as he slid in and out of me. He said he wanted to fuck me in the
shower, and I said I was hoping he would have. He said he loved my smooth
body and loved fucking me. I told him how good he felt inside me and he
started stroking my cock hard. A few free porn fuck russians
moments later, I shot my load on us
and he thrust harder and faster and I felt his cum flooding my insides.As we lay together, he asked if I minded him cumming inside me. I told him
I loved that he did. I continued rubbing my body against his and he said he
could take me back to my dorm, or if I wanted to mess around more, I could
stay the night. I told him if he was going to be fucking me, I'd love to
stay the night. He fucked me twice more before we fell asleep and once in
the morning before my first class. As he lay on top of me moving his big
cock in and out of me, he said this didn't make us boyfriends. I told him I
wasn't looking to marry him, I just wanted him to fuck me as much as
possible. He thrust his cock in me hard and I felt him shooting his load.
He said not to worry. he was attracted to me and planned on being inside me
a lot. For the next two years, I had the pleasure of Tommy fucking me two
or three days a week. I loved sex with him, but I was still looking for
others.One evening i went to a park near the campus. The mens room had a toilet
and urinal with no dividers. As i sat on the toilet, a tall guy in his 40s
came in and stood at the urinal. I took off my shirt and said it was a hot
night. He took off free russian video clip
his tee shirt, revealing a very hairy chest and agreed
it was a hot night and asked if I sex russian style thought it would get any hotter. I licked
my lips and said I sure hope so. He hardcore russian mafia stepped over free russian porno pics
to me and I started
sucking his cock while I played with his thick bush and felt his hairy
chest. He whispered for me to stand up and lean against the wall. As I
did, I heard him spit in his hand and felt him fingering my hole. I could
feel his thick cock pressing against my hole between my parted cheeks. He
reached around and played with my tits as he slid his cock deep free naked russian men inside me.
I whispered for him to hold me tight, and I felt his hairy body brushing
against my back as I enjoyed his thick cock moving in russian ilegal sites and out of me. We
were both sweaty and breathing heavily when I felt him shooting his warm
thick load inside me. When he was done, I sat on the toilet and free hot russian porn
let his cum
drip out nude russian boys photos of me while I sucked his cock clean. He asked if i was free during
the week and I said usually a couple of days a week. He gave me his number
and said to call him when I wanted him again.I called him a few days later, and met russian transexuals
him at the park. We drove to an
industrial area and went in a small room with a bed. We got undressed and
he lay on the bed. I licked his hairy pits and then he told me to eat his
ass. I licked up and down his crack and circled his hole with my tongue. I
slid my tongue in and out of his hole. He straddled my head and told me to
suck his cock. I deep throated him until I felt his bush on my face. He
had me get on all fours and he pounded my ass hard until he shot his load in
me. He smiled and said that I really liked him fucking me. I told him I
loved his hairy body against me. He told me he was going camping for the
weekend, and if I wanted to come, he would fuck me all weekend. I told him
I'd go and meet him at the park on Friday morning.The next russian boy escorts day I had work study and worked with the grounds crew. Tommy and I
finished late and he fucked me in the shower. While we were getting
dressed, he asked if I wanted to come over and spend the night with him. nude russian bride I
went and spent the evening enjoying his hairy body against me, and three
loads he shot inside me. I told Tommy I get weak in the knees every time I
see him. He told me he russian gay gallery loved being with me too but he wasn't ready to
settle down. I told him it was OK, and that I was just glad we were having
sex.When Friday came, I met the bald guy and we drove to the campground where he
rented a cabin. russian naturism photos
He was horny and he top50 photo russian angels had me get undressed and we got on the
bed. I pulled my legs up as he got between them and slid his cock inside
me. I played with his hairy pits and chest as he slid his big cock in and
out of me. He said he loved fucking me because I was so young. I told him
I loved him fucking me because he was so hairy. I started moaning as he
grunted. His thick cock started pulsing inside me and I felt his warm cum
filling me. He tongue kissed me and said that I really liked his cock in
me. I said I did. He said the best kind of friend to have is a guy who
lets you fuck him when you want to. I said my best kind of friend is a guy
who is willing to fuck me When he pulled out of me he sucked my cock until I
exploded in his mouth.When we were done, we went out and sat on the cabin porch naked. The other
campsites weren't too close so no one could see us. We drank a couple of
beers russian litlle porn
and he told me he had some friends who camped here on weekends. He
said if I liked them, we could do a partner swap for the afternoon. A short
time later, two guys came by, both in their 40s. One guy was tall and
smooth, while the other was short and hairy. As we talked, they took off
their clothes and everyone was touching each other. They both started
playing with me because I was younger a bottom. I started sucking the tall
thin guy, but the short hairy guy got between my legs and was sucking my
balls. free nude russian dating THe chaise lounge I was on adjusted back and within a few minutes he
was between my legs with his thick cock buried in me. It was hot being
fucked by this hairy guy while our two friends watched and anyone walking by
could see. He kneaded my tits as he fucked me and I moaned uncontrolably.
I moved my pelvis up and down as he pounded me, He groaned loudly as he shot
his load inside me. He asked how old I was, and I told him I was 18. He
gave me his name and number and said he would love to fuck me anytime I
wanted him. The thin smooth free nude russian dating guy had me get russian nubile boys on all fours and fucked me
doggie style. It was OK, but I was definitely partial to hairy guys. We
fucked for the rest of the weekend, and I got home sore but happy.A few days later, I was a work with Tommy. It was a hot sticky day and we
were both drenched in sweat. We had been transplanting some trees and when
we finished, it was already dark outside and everyone was gone. We showered
together and then Tommy asked me to spend the night with him so I went to
his place. He was as hungry for me as I was for him. He fucked me long and
slow, and kissed me passionately. I always had my strongest orgasms with
him. I loved feeling his big thick cock inside me while his hairy body
rubbed against russian kids sex me. As he moved in and out of me he asked me if I would like
to move in with him. He said we got along well and he loved fucking me, and
wanted us to be roommates with benefits. He said I could still be with
other guys and he would too, but when he fucked me, it felt like he was
home. The idea of living with Tommy sent me over the edge and I shot my
load while he was still fucking me. He thrust harder and faster in me and
shot inside me.As we lay in bed he said I would russian butt girls have my own room but we would sleep
together in his bed. The other room was so I'd have some personal space. I
liked the idea of it and started sucking his cock. He was hard and sticking
up so I straddled him and lowered myself onto his cock, riding him back and
forth. He stroked my cock as I rode him and after he shot his load in me,
he stroked me hard and I shot on his chest. A week later I moved in.

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